Viognier From Virginia

Originally published 1/3/2013 at Blogarhythms.

I went out to dinner recently and had a glass of wine I didn’t expect to see on the wine list.  Here’s the long and short of it.

Vineyard: White Hall
Varietal: Viognier
Vintage: 2011
Appellation: Virginia
Price: $18

Notes: It’s great to see and taste wines from unexpected places. Although Virginia is not well known for it’s wine, it does have a well-established wine industry that can bring some nice gems to the market. This Viognier has solid yet subtle citrus flavors at the fore with an intriguing mineral on the long finish. I’m not sure if it was the food I was eating along with it, but in the middle it presented like cool spring water. I’ll have to try it again (it I can find it) without the meal, and I think it would well be worth doing so.

Important: I am not a professional sommelier or wine connoisseur.  See “About” for the full disclaimer.

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