Mirafiore Barbera D’Alba Superiore 2010

Another outing for a nosh and some drink.  This time it was to the market-like multi-restaurant venue called Eataly in NYC.  As an Eataly novice with no predetermined notion of what to expect, it took a quick verbal primer from a friendly waiter to help my friend and I get our bearings.  Once that was accomplished, it was a fun adventure.  And let me tell you, it was hoppin’ on a Friday night!

Our first stop was for an appetizer and wine in the produce-centric restaurant called La Verdure.  Because it was so busy, we took the only open seats at the bar.  The service was very friendly and helpful.  After a quick conversation with our knowledgeable waiter, we decided to share a plate of lightly roasted veggies and farro salad called Verdure Alla Piastra.  The dish was very good.  Along with that I had the following wine.

Winemaker: Casa E di Mirafiore
Wine: Barbera d’Alba Superiore
Vintage: 2010
Appellation: Barbera d’Alba, Italy DOC
Price: $20

Notes:  First, let me say that they opened a new bottle for me, so mine was the first glass.  And I didn’t let it sit and breathe before I dove in.  For me, this was a very tasty medium-bodied red with a pleasant weight on the palate.  In the glass I’d say this was dark ruby in color.  It was pretty fruit-forward with what struck me as blackberry jam serving as the core accompanied by hints of spice and vanilla.  It also had some good structure which will let is cellar a bit or give it the backbone to stand up to meat dishes.  I recommend going ahead and popping the cork, because it is quite an enjoyable selection.

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