Altovinum Evodia 2011

I grabbed this Garnacha at a store near where I work.  The name of the store is Wine & Liquor.  Seriously, that’s it!  Just “Wine & Liquor.”  Much to my happy surprise it has a very large and diverse selection of wines.  Nice!

Winemaker: Altovinum Evodia (Eric Solomon Selections)
Wine: Garnacha Old Vines
Vintage: 2011
Appellation: Calatayud, Spain DDO
Price: $9.25

Notes:  Another first – my first experience with a wine made from 100% Garnacha (Grenache) grapes.  The grapes for this selection were grown near the village of Atea in the Iberian System of mountains in northeast Spain.  This light-bodied red wine was dark purple in the glass with blackberry and earthiness on the nose.  Primary flavors for me were dark cherry and blackberry with pepper notes.  There was also a fairly present bitter flavor I would describe as lichen.  Of course, I’ve never eaten lichen, so that isn’t the best comparison.  Still, it’s what I imagine lichen tasting like – a bit of chlorophyll, a bit of earthiness and an acrid bite.  No doubt that is partially due to the moderate tannins present.  Alcohol is 15%.  Acidity is OK.

In case you’re wondering why I’ve been having so many “firsts” of late, I’m going to post something soon explaining a little more of my journey on the Via Vino to date.  Not a life history, mind you.  Don’t worry!

Important:  I am not a professional sommelier or wine connoisseur.  See “About” for the full disclaimer.

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