Concha Y Toro Sunrise Chardonnay 2008

Another post transferred from Blogarhythms.  Given the date (Feb. 2010), I’m sure this is no longer available.  But it sets things into perspective – for my blog, for my tasting history, and for any future experiences with the same wine from another vintage. 

Did I mention that I’ve been keeping tasting notes for several years now?  Don’t get concerned; I won’t share them all here.  But I thought this particular selection would be of interest to others like me looking for good values in wine.  I had this quite recently, too.

Vineyard:     Sunrise (by Concha Y Toro)
Wine:           Chardonnay
Vintage:       2008
Appellation: Central Valley – Chile
Price:          $7.99

Notes:         Nice apple and lemon with a hint of grass.  It was surprisingly flaccid in the mid-palate for me.  Perhaps I should give it another go just to be sure I wasn’t having an off day.  Not a particularly bad wine; in fact not at all offensive.  Just not a very interesting wine for my taste.  Of course, given the very reasonable price, you could do worse.

Important:  I am not a professional sommelier or wine connoisseur.  See “About” for the full disclaimer.

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