Blogging Award Nomination … Who Me?

Much to my surprise and elation I was recently nominated for a blogging award – The Liebster Award.  Liebster is a German word that means “dearest” – in this case, a dearest blog.  I have to thank Winebbler for being so kind as to nominate me.  She, too, blogs about her wine experiences in what I find to be a fun, fresh, unique way.  You can check out Winebbler‘s blog by clicking on the name.

A Chain Letter?

Being nominated for the Liebster Award, I wanted immediately to know more about it.  You know, what exactly am I nominatef FOR?  That sort of thing.  So I did a little Googling and a little looking and poking around.

Turns out this award is basically the chain letter of blog awards.  In other words, you receive a nomination and then you pass it on (with some questions your nominees have to answer on their blog before … passing it on again).  At first that worried me.  I remember chain letters.  And I remember chain emails, too.  Those superstitious little “gifts” from people who usually weren’t really your friends but who were sure that you needed the extra “joy” in your life you could derive from replicating this beautiful chain letter/email and sending it on to some of your friends.  I hated chain letters!

Looking Deeper

So my first reaction was – “Uh oh!”  But then I started thinking about the purpose behind the chain letters/emails vs. the purpose behind this blogger award.  The chain letters tried to scare you into complying with their demand for “passing it on” by either promising a calamity if you didn’t or assuring amazing good fortune if you did (or both).  On the other hand, the Liebster Award is clearly aimed at helping bloggers – esp. new or lesser known bloggers – share their blog with new audiences and attract some positive attention for the hard work they’re putting in.  Well, now, that sounds like a good thing to me!  So here goes …

Questions Answered

Part of the process is that your nominating blogger sends a list of questions that you – the Liebster Award nominee – must answer.  Here’s what Winebbler has asked me.

Q1. Where did you have your first kiss?

A1.  OMG!  It’s been so long ago.  But it stays with you, doesn’t it?  The first time I got more than just a peck on the cheek was at a dance in 7th grade.

Q2.  If you were abducted by aliens how would you decorate your new space house?

A2.  Not really qualified to answer interior decorating questions.  I guess I’d want to have a picture album (maybe holographic) of  the loved ones left behind.

Q3.  If you had to choose between courage and loyalty, which characteristic would you possess?

A3.  True loyalty requires courage.

Q4.  Do you like yogurt?

A4.  Yes!

Q5.   What is the weirdest thing anyone has ever said to you?

A5.  Um,  I work with a bunch of creative people who say weird things constantly.  Some of the weirdest things can’t be printed here.

Q6.   What is your go-to bottle of wine?

A6.  I blog about wines because I enjoy so many different wines.  My most recent favorite would be Red Truck Red Wine 2009.

Q7.   What are your thoughts on Tuesdays?

A7.   Holy crap, I survived another Monday!  Do I have clean clothes for the rest of the week?

Q8.   Would you rather take a bath or a shower?

A8.  Shower.  I had a chemistry teacher in high school who told the class that he took showers instead of baths because he didn’t want to “sit around in my own dirt.”  That stuck with me.

Q9.   What song can you never get out of your head?

A9.   In The City Lights

Q10 .  What would you quit your day-job to do if money were not a factor?

A10.   I did.  It’s still a factor.  LOL

Q11.  Are roller coasters your idea of fun?

A11.   Small roller coasters – yes.  Small roller coasters.


I have to tell them first!  Come back tomorrow, and I’ll have them up in their own separate, ceremonially appropriate post.

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