Turning Leaf Chardonnay 2008

People are going to think all I do is drink wine.  It’s not true!  I have aspirations, mind you.  Here is another bottle from my past being redeposited here for archival purposes. 

Not destined to be my favorite Chardonnay, this one certainly isn’t on the bottom of the list, either.  It’s solidly in the drinkable range, especially for those who like California Chardonnay.  I do, actually.  Still, I prefer a little more acidity in mine than what I got from this Turning Leaf 2008 by E&J Gallo.  But you don’t have to remind me!  I’m not spending $20, $30 or more on a bottle.  So ….

Vineyard:     Turning Leaf
Wine:           Chardonnay
Vintage:       2008
Appellation: California
Price:          $8.99

Notes:         Flavors on this selection are very restrained for a California Chardonnay.  I tasted lemon-lime and honey, some light toasty oak notes, butter and allspice on the finish.  It wasn’t very crisp for a dry Chardonnay – almost fatty on the tongue (thus the butter, I suppose).   Light though it was, the flavors did manage to come through a meal as well.  Lest I forget, I found citrus and apple aromas in the bouquet. 

Important:  I am not a professional sommelier or wine connoisseur.  See “About” for the full disclosure.

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