D’Aquino Gaetano Sangiovese di Toscana 2010

Not a Chianti, but rather a 100% Sangiovese from Tuscany.

Winemaker: Gaetano D’Aquino
Wine: Sangiovese di Toscana
Vintage: 2010
Appellation: Toscana, Italy IGT
Price: $4.99 at Trader Joe’s

Notes:  Well, now here is another light-bodied red wine to pair with pasta dishes and even light meat dishes.  Once it breathed and settled, it had a core of bright cherry and red currant fruit flavors with plenty of veggie notes.  The light but definite tannins gave this selection a nice peppery bite at the end which is why I think it can stand up to some meat dishes.  Acidity seemed good, and alcohol is at 12.5%.  On first pour, however, this one came across as almost vegetal with a very tart cherry accompaniment in the background.  If your preference is the fruit flavors in a wine, I’d open it at least a good half hour before serving.

Important:  I am not a professional sommelier or wine connoisseur.  See “About” for the full disclaimer. 

10 thoughts on “D’Aquino Gaetano Sangiovese di Toscana 2010

    • Well, if you don’t like it, you’ll only be out $4.99. lol If you prefer fruit-forward, this won’t be your wine. The tannins aren’t heavy here, but they do have a distinct presence esp. since it’s a lighter-bodied wine.

      • Yeah, that is the fun with TJ’s wines and why I try a lot of them. I actually enjoy less fruity wines when it comes to Europeans, so this could work. Their Chianti was just sour though, that was the problem.

  1. Enjoying right now

    Plucked a few TJ bargains with some safe buys

    Like I told a coworker
    Keep your expectations low and what comes at you is enough

    This is a nfine buy at 4.79
    Grabbing a case next round if funny money

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