Meridian Chardonnay 2008

I think this will be the last archival post I transfer from Blogarhythms.  It was originally published in 2010.

This Meridian Chardonnay has the kind of flavor profile I look for.  Not that it’s the ONLY flavor profile I appreciate by any stretch of the imagination, but this combination hit the mark for me.

Vineyard:       Meridian
Varietal:          Chardonnay
Vintage:           2008
Appellation:  California
Price:               $11.99

Notes:     We’re talking nice mouthfuls of honey, butterscotch, toasty vanilla with what seemed a hint of nutmeg , plus plenty of fruit including a light pineapple and citrus beginning with a lemony flavor and finishing in a light grapefruit.  It has good acidity and will pair nicely with food.  But I just enjoyed sipping this very enjoyable selection from Meridian.

Important:  I am not a professional sommelier or wine connoisseur.  See “About” for the full disclaimer. 

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