Hans Wirsching Silvaner 2010 Franken

Peck_HWSilvaner2010Here is another German wine.  I bought it at Grateful Red, that wine store I mentioned in an earlier post.  I told you I’d be pulling from their selections from time to time!  This is a Silvaner – yet another varietal wine I haven’t had before.  I’ve had Liebfrau(en)milch previously, of course.  My but those “firsts” just keep adding up, don’t they?  Hey, that’s a good thing!

Winemaker:  Hans Wirsching
Varietal:  Silvaner
Vintage:  2010
Appellation:  Franken, Germany
Price:  $18.99

Notes:   This wine is a light bright yellow in the glass.  On the nose I got a bright green apple and lemon scents.  It has a lively, bubbly effervescence when first poured that actually created a little foam in the glass.  On the tongue I thought this wine had a pleasant light viscosity.  Flavors for me were primarily lemon, honey and green apple.   Alcohol is 11.5%.  Overall, I’d say it was pretty good in my book.  And I feel confident it would pair pretty well with any seafood.  I can especially imagine it going well with a spicy shrimp dish like Camarones Diablo.

Important: I am not a professional sommelier or wine connoisseur.  See “About” for the full disclaimer.

5 thoughts on “Hans Wirsching Silvaner 2010 Franken

  1. Nice one! Franken is famous for its Silvaner, which keeps being touted as the next big thing in Germany…as if Riesling ever would give up that place. Many people like it for its lower acidity. It is also considered the perfect wine to pair with white asparagus.

    • Thanks. White asparagus? I guess I can see that. Actually, I remembered you recommending Silvaner to labellestudio in a comment on one of my previous posts. I was looking for a German red. I thought the store (named Grateful Red) might have one. Not so. But when the store manager suggested this, I remembered your comment and grabbed it.

      • Nice! It probably will take a very, very dedicated wine merchant to find a good German red and then dare to sell it. Maybe you got the folks at Grateful Red thinking and searching…:)

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