“So, You Think You Know Wine?” Blind Tasting Contest

This is an online video series that WineAlign is doing.  As WineAlign is “the ultimate service for making informed buying decisions at your local Ontario government wine store,” it is aimed at my wine-loving friends to the north.  Even so, there is plenty any wine enthusiast can glean from this tasting contest.  Yes, it’s a contest set up a bit like the old “What’s My Line” but it’s the wines they have to guess.  Three Canadian experts do a blind tasting and have to identify the varietal, the country of origin, the region, the year, and the price.  OK, the energy level is a little more sedate than a Hollywood game show, but the information shared as the experts taste and discuss before making their guesses can be interesting.  In addition, each episode is only about 5 minutes long, and it looks like they are all up on YouTube.


WineAlign is pleased to present Episode 3.1 of “So, You Think You Know Wine?”

The feedback we received from the first two series has been fantastic, and we are thrilled to be bringing together an even larger group of Canada’s top wine palates to compete this season. (Episode 3.1)

Season 3 showcases some of Canada’s most widely recognized, award-winning sommeliers and wine critics. WineAlign’s own David Lawrason, Sara d’Amato, Steve Thurlow and Master Sommelier John Szabo are joined and challenged by Master Sommelier Jennifer Huether, Master Sommelier Bruce Wallner, Zoltan Szabo (Sommelier at Trump Tower), William Predhomme (Sommelier at Canoe) and Bill Zacharkiw (Montreal Gazette).

Our critics have to rely on skill and talent as they use their nose, eyes and palette to identify the flavours, aromas and general characteristics of a wine to correctly determine five elements about the wine. For a wine critic, a blind taste…

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