Vermouth – A Refreshing Summer Aperitif?

I saw this post over at Winegetter’s place, and it really caught my attention.  I’m already checking my local wine retailers to see who carries this vermouth.  Although I’ve never had vermouth aside from in a martini cocktail, Winegetter’s “way” sounds definitely worth exploring!

By the way, he has a number of other interesting posts at his place.  Click through to him by using the big bottle of Martini above and do some looking around.

the winegetter

In line with my summery post earlier this week (we popped our first rosé wine this year, see here), I figured I share another of my favorite summer drinks, a Martini Bianco. I am not referring to the mixed drink “Martini” but rather to the brand Martini, an Italian producer of Vermouth. It is short for Martini & Rossi and has an iconic label that many people recognize (featured on the bottle pictured above). I guess the posts say a lot about how glad I am that this long Midwestern winter is finally coming to a close…

Vermouth is a fortified wine that is flavored with various ingredients like roots, barks, spices and seeds. It was first commercialized in Northern Italy, Turin to be exact, in the 18th century, but its roots go way back. It was first used as a medical drink and later became a key ingredient…

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3 thoughts on “Vermouth – A Refreshing Summer Aperitif?

    • I know! I’ve only looked in a couple of stores thus far. They both had the green bottle – extra dry. And one had the Rosso. I’ll keep checking as I make my rounds. lol

  1. It is not as easy to find in the States as one would think. The extra dry is everywhere, but the Bianco not really. I get it either from a local liquor store or at Plum Market, if that is any help.

    Oh, and naturally, thanks for the reblog!! Very much appreciated.

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