Wine IS Versatility In A Glass

What a pleasant and unexpected surprise to be nominated for another blogger award.  This time I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Cat On A Hot Marble Rack 1 – by labellestudio
copyright labellestudio

Many, many thanks to LabelleStudio for nominating me!  If you haven’t been by her nifty blog, click through right HERE and see what wonderfully eclectic items she has given us from her lovely corner of Bavaria.

Who Me?

According to THE RULES, the nominee is supposed to share 7 personal things about themselves.  Let’s see …

1.  As a kid I owned literally hundreds of comics.  Unfortunately, they were among the very few items my parents actually threw away when I went off to college.

2.  This year I have begun biking to work when I can.  It isn’t every day, but I suppose any day is better than none.

3.  I write songs.  None of them has been up for a Grammy, but I think they’re entertaining!

4.  I am a “Country Boy in the City Lights.”

5.  I speak conversational German.  As I don’t converse in German often, the potential duration of such a conversation grows shorter and shorter.

6.  I thought I hated bacon when I was young.  Came to find out that was only because my mother liked hers burnt!

7.  My idea of the perfect vacation is somewhere warm with great weather – away from the madding crowd but close enough to allow for an easy commute should I need a quick jolt of civilization.

Paying It Forward

Each Versatile Blogger Award nominee gets to nominate 15 other bloggers and their blogs for the award.  SO … here are my nominees.

The Winegetter
Perth Wine Enthusiast

Urban Food Crawl
The Wine Raconteur
The Drunken Cyclist
The Wine Serf
Savory Encyclopedia
Duff’s Wines
The Wine Baron
Vino & Vintage
Restaurant Uprising
Twelve Dollar Taste Buds
Wine Chics
A Pilgrim In Time
Red Wine Lovers

Each of the nominees listed above is also a click-through link.  Please click and visit these great sites!!

10 thoughts on “Wine IS Versatility In A Glass

  1. Your award is well deserved, congratulations again! and thank you for your kind words. Do not bother about the picture, you did everything right and it makes me feel very proud somehow. 😀

  2. Enjoyed reading about you. Cool. And thank you for the nomination. I appreciate it and accept. Looking forward to following your ongoing posts! … Und Deutsch ist immer gut, bei Mir auch!! – The Wine Baron.

  3. Thank you so much for the nomination! I look forward to reading the other blogs you recommended. There are so many hidden jewels out there and I don’t know that I am adept enough at finding them all, so this is fabulous.

    Do you have any of your songs online? You should share a link someday if you do!

  4. WOW this is the first time I get nominated for my blog! Thank you so much for your support I really appreciate and I look forward to discovering more this great blogger community!

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