You Better Shop Around

In my area, there are so many places to pick up a bottle of wine that the competition is fierce.  You can buy wine at the government liquor shops, independent liquor stores, wine retailers, grocery stores of all kinds (from large chains to tiny specialty food shops), and even drug stores.  Not surprisingly, many of the large producers are represented in almost all the stores.  And usually the stores are within a few cents of each other on those popular brands.  But … not always.

Over the weekend I was rather acutely reminded that each store does have it’s own pricing policies.  And the differences can really make a difference.  Here’s the situation I ran into.

You saw my recent post on the Kenwood Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc?  If not, you can catch it here.  Anyway, the list price at my local Safeway – yes, the Safeway has quite a large wine selection – was $17.49 for that bottle of white vino when I bought it.  On Sunday I found the same wine in Whole Foods less than a mile away from Safeway at a list price of $11.99.  Not a sale price – the regular, everyday price.  See what I mean?!?  Gas is expensive, but I can still save money driving from one store to the other on this deal.  And if I were having a dinner party and needed more than one bottle, it’s a no-brainer.

So, like Smokey Robinson & The Miracles have told us, “You better shop around!”

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