Fetzer Shaly Loam Gewürtztraminer 2011

The Mendocino County vintner, Fetzer, is a leader in sustainable agriculture and is credited with encouraging agricultural approaches in the county toward sustainability and organic wine production.  Reportedly, almost 25% of the orchards in the county are certified organic.  The grapes Fetzer grows in their own vineyards are grown organically, but the wines are not organic.  Why?  Because Fetzer does purchase some grapes from other growers – not all of whom use organic methods.  But, according to the Fetzer folks, all the growers do use sustainable methods.

Winemaker:  Fetzer
Wine: Shaly Loam Gewürtztraminer
Varietal:  Gewürtztraminer
Vintage:  2011
Appellation:  California
Price:  $8.99

Notes:  This Gewürtztraminer was a vivid yellow in the glass with a bouquet of citrus, apple and peach.  It’s a light-bodied offering with a very gentle effervescence on the tongue.  The flavors for me were sweet apple and peach with citrus notes and a tad of persimmon near the end.  There were also very light hints of warm spices that lingered on the finish.  Alcohol is at 12% and I found the acidity was fine but not as bright as I personally prefer in this varietal.  I think the wine would do pretty well with Asian cuisine or a cheese course – perhaps a good Brie or Havarti.

Important: I am not a professional sommelier or wine connoisseur.  See “About” for the full disclaimer.

2 thoughts on “Fetzer Shaly Loam Gewürtztraminer 2011

  1. As always you are right on the money! I think it’s the lack of acidity that makes it seem heavy on the palate. Of course, there may be other folks who have a different view. If my sister drank wine (which she doesn’t), she’d be of the opposite opinion. She likes pickled okra while I prefer it pan fried. I like brussel sprouts almost any which way while she won’t eat them. Etc., etc., etc. lol

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