365 Trackers Crossing Chardonnay 2012

Continuing my recent run of Australians, I picked up this Trackers Crossing Chardonnay at Whole Foods.  Always interested in understanding more about the wines I quaff, I looked up the name Trackers Crossing.  I found that there is, in fact, a Trackers Crossing Road in the area of St. George, Queensland, Australia.  Although this isn’t in very close proximity to the McLaren Vale area outside of Adelaide where Thomas Hardy started his wine-making back in 1853, it is still very much in the South Eastern area of the country.  A little deductive reasoning might suggest that the vineyards where the grapes for this wine were grown lie in the vicinity of Trackers Crossing Road.  That, of course, would only be a guess on my part.

Winemaker:   Thomas Hardy & Sons for Whole Foods
Wine: 365 Trackers Crossing Chardonnay
Varietal:  Chardonnay
Vintage:  2012
Appellation: South Eastern Australia
Price: $6.99 at Whole Foods

Notes:  In the glass this Chardonnay was a light yellow (straw-colored).  In the bouquet I smelled lots of citrus, some pineapple and hints of spice.  It was what I would consider a medium-bodied white.  Flavors for me were honey, pineapple, a touch of guava, light citrus notes, generous oak, some hints of spice, and a bite of bitter melon on the finish.  As I mentioned, this wine gives good oak in the Australian style and may be too much for those who prefer a lighter touch.  I felt it took me right to the edge of my personal “oak limit,” but always stayed just a half step back.  And let me say of the bitterness at the finish – I found it lingered but didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the wine.  I understand that some believe bitter flavors can stimulate the appetite.    Whether or not that’s true, I do believe that particular flavor component in this wine will allow it to stand up well to foods.    Acidity was good, and alcohol is at 13.5%.   Not a bad drink at $6.99 a bottle!

Important: I am not a professional sommelier or wine connoisseur.  See “About” for the full disclaimer.

3 thoughts on “365 Trackers Crossing Chardonnay 2012

  1. I have to ignorantly admit that I had no idea that WF had their own label! You can’t get wine from supermarkets here in PA–you have to buy it from the state controlled stores, which are an abomination. I will have to look for this the next time I’m in a non-PA WF (although I do not remember seeing them when I was in Ann Arbor…).

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