Wine Trivia Wednesday–6/5/2013

What a great idea!!  The Drunken Cyclist has been doing these Wine Trivia Wednesdays for awhile. I only recently started reading them and have found them entertaining and highly informational.  As I have made clear, I am a wine enthusiast not a sommelier; thus, I have plenty to learn. This week was the first time I decided to give the answers a go.  And, yes, I did do some web searching to find the answers.  What better way to learn?  Anyway, I’m enjoying this weekly quiz series.  I hope you do,too.  Check it out!

BTW, I didn’t read the other responses before I posted mine. lol

the drunken cyclist

It is Wednesday again and it is time for another installment of Wine Trivia Wednesday. Before we get to this week’s quiz, we need to get to the answers from last week:

  1. What are the two most common ways to prevent a wine going through malolactic fermentation? You can prevent malolactic fermentation through either the addition of SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) or through cold stabilization. You can also introduce additives to kill the bacteria, but this is not as common as the first two.
  2. Other than the stylistic changes to the wine (e.g., flavor profile), what is the main advantage to having a wine go through malolactic fermentation? The answer I was looking for here: It serves to stabilize the wine–otherwise it still might happen in the bottle and then you will have a real mess on your hands. It also can help to make a wine more approachable (drinkable) sooner.

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