Domaine Carpy Les Pins 2009

As the weather begins to cool, my tastes always begin to shift toward the reds.  Not that I won’t drink a white when the mood strikes, but something about a nip in the air makes me hanker after du vin rouge.  And so … I popped the cork on this red blend from the Fitou appellation in France.  Les Pins is made from 40% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 15% Carignan, and 15% Mourvedre grapes.

Winemaker:  Domaine Carpy by Maison Maurel Vedeau
Wine:  Les Pins
Varietal: Red Blend
Vintage: 2009
Appellation:  Fitou AOC, France (Languedoc)
Price:  $8.99 at Whole Foods

Notes:  This inexpensive French import was an attractive dark purple in the glass.  The bouquet held gentle scents of dark red fruits and spice.  The body was medium/light and had a slight silkiness to it on the tongue.  Acidity was fairly high. tannins were moderate, and alcohol was at 13.5%.  I found flavors of dark cherry and tart plum that were present but secondary to cedar and tea leaf with subtle hints of licorice.  It was an AOK cheap red and should pair fairly well with a variety of dishes.  I’m thinking I could enjoy this with a helping of leftover turkey … especially the dark meat.

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