Three Wishes Chardonnay (c. 2013)

Having recently tasted and posted about a Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw white, I thought I’d grab a bottle from the Three Wishes line of wines at Whole Foods – priced suspiciously toe-to-toe with the TJ wines.  This is a Chardonnay and the Chuck was a Pinot Grigio.  Not the same thing at all.  So this can’t be considered a comparison.

Winemaker:  Three Wishes (by Concannon for Whole Foods)
Varietal:  Chardonnay
Vintage:  NV
Appellation:  America
Price:  $3.29 at Whole Foods

Notes:  The color of this inexpensive Chardonnay was – big surprise – yellow.  The hue did seem to have more “color value” than most Chardonnays I’ve seen.  Well, on second thought, maybe I shouldn’t be throwing around terms like that.  I’m certainly no graphic artist, but I’ve heard them talking about Pantone color, hue, color value, etc. at work.  I can’t give you an exact PMS (Pantone Matching System) number for it.  Let’s just say it was colorful and cheery to look at.  On the nose I caught scents of citrus, honey, white pepper and hints of wildflowers.  The body was in the medium range with a bit of a coat-the-tongue feel to it.  I thought the acidity was a little low, and the alcohol was at 12.5%.  I usually prefer Chardonnays a little drier.  On the tongue, I tasted some citrus, oak, honey, white pepper, and green herbs with floral notes.  Overall, this wasn’t a terrible cheap white.  It wasn’t offensive.  Even so, I think it could definitely use some tweaking to get the balance of flavors, acidity and sweetness in sync.  But again, it’s $3.29 a bottle.  While I wouldn’t personally serve this at a dinner party, you may like it well enough to use it as your house white.

Pantone [Color] Matching System

One thought on “Three Wishes Chardonnay (c. 2013)

  1. my wife bought a bottle of the Chardonny (no vintage) and we both thought it was enjoyable. I was in the wine industry for 19years plus. I was the executive Vice President of an import Co in New York which eventually sold to Bacardi (AMEN $$$$). I live in San Diego with my family and I am an investment adviser .As such I do a fair amount of entertainment and would not hesitate serving your wine. Suffice it to say the wine industry has changed quite a bit since I was involved. Here’s wishing you a successful year.

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