Firefly Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

If memory serves me correctly, not two years ago these Firefly Ridge wines were selling in my local grocery store for about $8 a bottle retail.  Admittedly, Firefly Ridge is not readily available at other nearby merchants.  But, seriously, today’s posted price of $15.99 seems out of whack.  And guess what?  Today, Firefly Ridge is on sale for $7.99 a bottle.  So, yes, I bought one to try.

abernetSauvignon2011Winemaker: Firefly Ridge
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage: 2011
Appellation: Central Coast, California
Price: $15.99

Notes:  The color of this California Cab was a dark ruby.  The bouquet brought me scents of cherry, plum and tea leaf.  The body was light, tannins were light, and acidity was fine.  Alcohol was a little low at 12.5%.  On the palate, I tasted sweet plum and cherry – mostly sweet plum.  There were also hints of cassis and leather along with herbal notes.  On the finish I caught a tiny dash of pepper and eucalyptus.  For a Cabernet Sauvignon, I found this to be a fairly disappointing experience.  The wine was sweet with very little structure.  I’m not saying this is a bad wine, but it isn’t a good exemplar of a Cabernet Sauvignon.  That being said, it may well be a good selection for the season of Sugar Plum Fairies dancing in people’s heads.  And when I think of a mulled wine, this one seems like a pretty good base for that.  So, maybe this selection will help bring cheer to the holidays after all.  But hurry up and get it while it’s on sale for $7.99.

3 thoughts on “Firefly Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

  1. It’s always been under $10 in my grocery store. I wonder if they just pretended to mark it up, so people would think they were getting deal? I tried it a couple of times, but found your review to be the case each time. Thanks for sharing.

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