Martellozzo Prosecco: Welcoming The New Year

One day several months ago, I was perusing the wine selections at my local Trader Joe’s.  Having begun my wine “career” learning the ropes among mostly American single varietal wines, the offerings from Italy can still take me a little more time to process.  In other words, I was hovering to read the labels in depth and in the process blocking people’s access to the wines.  Finally, one very nice elderly woman insinuated herself in front of me to grab her selection.  As she did, she asked me what I was looking for.  Right at that moment I was pondering the Le Grotte Lambrusco dell’Emilia Bianco Dolce.  Seeing this while grabbing a bottle of the Martellozzo Prosecco in each hand, she suggested the Martellozzo.  She gave it her full, heartfelt endorsement.  So when I had to decide which bubbly libation I wanted for my New Year’s Eve 2013/2014 celebration, I knew just what I wanted to try.

Winemaker: Martellozzo
Wine: Prosecco Vino Frizzante
Varietal: Glera (Prosecco)
Vintage:  NV
Appellation:  Prosecco DOC, Italy
Price: $6.99 at Trader Joe’s

Notes:  In the glass this Italian bubbly was very pale yellow.  On the nose I caught gentle scents of apple and lime.  The body was light.  Acidity was fine.  Of course, it was bubbly.  Starting out very effervescent on pour, even frothing, it then settled much like another very famous sparkling wine.  Alcohol was at 10.5%.  On the palate this Prosecco was light and fairly simple – primarily apple and citrus.  The citrus hit first as lime but quickly moved to more of a grapefruit flavor.  The finish brought some grass, grapefruit zest and a hint of nut (almond, I believe).  I can say that overall I liked this Vino Frizzante better than some experiences I’ve had with inexpensive wines made using the Méthode Champenoise.  Even though this may not go down in the books as my favorite sparkler ever, it was certainly pleasant to drink and served quite well for a New Year’s toast.

One thought on “Martellozzo Prosecco: Welcoming The New Year

  1. Thank you for your post. I can’t wait to run to TJ’s to go on a wine expedition myself. I recently discovered the procecco, as I have always subscribed to the theory that “it had to be expensive to be good”. Until I blind tasted it. It was a house warming gift and I had no clue it was under ten bucks.
    I also really enjoy your writing style. Very entertaining with a relaxed vibe.

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