Gallo Family Vineyards Merlot

Not too long ago I was on a business trip to Chicago.  It was a quick trip, but an interesting one.  I’ve enjoyed some great trips to the Windy City in years past, but had no time this go-round for fun.  Unfortunately.  Because on my only night there I had to work late in my room preparing for the next day’s activities, I decided to run to the drug store across the street to see what kind of brain food (aka junk food) they might have on hand.  Much to my surprise, they had more than snacks, water and soda.  They had a very large selection of wines and spirits – yes, liquor.  Sadly, I had to keep my wits about me or my work would not have gotten done.  Thus, I grabbed a personal-sized bottle of this Gallo red – just enough to warm me yet not prevent me from accomplishing the task at hand.

Winemaker:  Gallo Family Vineyards
Varietal:  Merlot
Vintage:  NV
Appellation:  California
Price:  $5.99*

Notes:   On the nose I caught scents of wood, berries, and earth with some floral notes.  It was very light-bodied.  It even seemed watery at times.  Acidity was OK, and tannins were light.  Alcohol was at 13%.  On the palate I tasted generous amounts of wood with notes of crème de cassis.  I know it’s inexpensive, but I think there have to be better options out there – from Gallo even – within this price range.

* This is the price for a 750 ml bottle in my local area not the personal-sized mini I purchased while on travel.

5 thoughts on “Gallo Family Vineyards Merlot

  1. There are a number of surprisingly good inexpensive wines. But sometimes there just isn’t much choice, and I end up taking what you get, and I can only hope it will be better than no wine at all. Usually, it is.

    • I hear that. Some stores don’t provide a large variety from which to choose. Or not a large selection of budget-friendly wines, anyway. In this particular instance, if I could have trusted myself to drink only one glass of a full bottle, I might have had a better experience. Ha!

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