Badger Mountain Pure Red 2012

Here is my third post from a trip I took awhile back.  In this case, I went to dinner at a local Italian eatery on my first night there.  I won’t name the restaurant because the dish I had was not very good.  In fact, it was bland.  I don’t mean to be negative, but bland Italian food?  That’s hard to do!  Disappointed with my dinner, I was hoping to enjoy the accompanying wine.  Not really being familiar with any of the offerings they had listed, I took a chance on a red blend from Washington.

Winemaker:  Badger Mountain
Wine:  Pure Red
Varietal:  Red Blend
Vintage:  2012
Appellation:  Columbia Valley, Washington
Price: $26 (3 liter box) at Total Wine

Notes:  As you can see from the label, Badger Mountain is a certified organic vineyard.  According to the winery’s website, this vintage of Pure Red is primarily Cabernet Sauvignon (73%) blended with Syrah (19%), Merlot (4%), and Cabernet Franc (4%).  In the glass this was another very dark red.  The bouquet brought me copious scents of ripe berries as well as pepper and a hint of oak.  The body was light, acidity was good, and alcohol was at 13.5%.  It was a pleasant glass of wine that played on the tongue a bit.  Core flavors for me were black raspberry and cola, cherry notes throughout with hints of green herbs on the finish.  There were no real tannins to speak of, and it did seem a bit week in the mid palate.  Otherwise, as I said, it was a pleasant red blend.  With this wine being 92% Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, I’m surprised it didn’t have more tannic structure.  That being said, there isn’t anything wrong with having a gentle house red waiting to welcome you home at the end of a hard day.  At $6.50 per 750 ml, it’s definitely a budget-friendly wine.

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