Oak Grove Petite Sirah Reserve 2011

I always appreciate it when somebody gives me a recommendation for a wine.  Even if it isn’t always my “cup of tea,” I can’t help but be grateful for another wine enthusiast’s impulse to share.

Those of you who drop in fairly regularly (he says hoping somebody DOES drop in regularly – lol) will know that I had a Petite Sirah over the holidays that I searched for – and found – in a Total Wine near my home town.  Because it’s a big store, I had to ask a very nice staff person for directions to the “Other Reds” section.  She not only took me to the wine I was looking for but said, “Have you had the Oak Grove?  If you haven’t, you should.”  So I did!

Winemaker: Oak Grove
Wine: Petite Sirah Reserve
Varietal: Petite Sirah
Vintage:  2011
Appellation: California
Price: $8.99 at Total Wine

Notes:  In the glass this Oak Grove selection was a very dark garnet   It was so dark that it was nearly opaque.  On the nose I got scents of dark fruit, oak, and lotion (I think lanolin is the appropriate term).  Acidity was fine but maybe just a tad on the low side.  Weight on the tongue was on the lighter side of medium as were the tannins.  Alcohol was at 13%.  Flavors were grounded by a core of black raspberry with light notes of oak and a sweet green herb – let’s call it stevia.  The finish was very long with lingering black raspberry and violets.  It was a fine glass of wine.  Unfortunately, the perception of sweetness took away a little from my personal enjoyment of it.  But that really isn’t too terrible.  It just means I get to keep sampling Petite Sirahs in my search!  Search for what?  Oh, perhaps a Petite Sirah I can call my favorite (until the next vintage is released, anyway).

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