Vola Sangiovese 2012

Last time I was waiting to check out at my local Trader Joe’s, they had this Vola strategically positioned right at the end of the line immediately before the cash registers.  Given that I had sampled two other inexpensive Sangiovese wines in recent days, how could I pass this one up?  According to the label it was bottled in Italy and imported by D’Aquino.

Winemaker: Vola
Varietal: Sangiovese
Vintage: 2012
Appellation:  Puglia IGT, Italy
Price: $2.99 at Trader Joe’s

Notes: The color of this budget Italian was a light ruby.  The bouquet brought scents of cherry, earth and mushroom.  Acidity was bright on this light-bodied Sangiovese, and tannins were medium.  Alcohol was at 12%.  On the palate I found wood, cherry, boysenberry and pepper.  Except for the definite sweetness, flavors were very weak in the midpalate.  At the finish the wood returns along with a medicinal note.  While this does present many of the attributes touted as typical for a Sangiovese, I think it’s not a good example of this varietal.  I didn’t hate the wine; price notwithstanding, I just didn’t like it all that well due largely to what I felt was a weak flavor profile.  At $2.99, though, maybe you’ll want to trust your own taste buds over mine and give it a try.

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