CK Mondavi Wildcreek Canyon Merlot 2011

On travel recently I ran across this inexpensive Merlot.  While I’m sure they have it in my area, I haven’t seen it in the stores I frequent.  Thus, I decided to give it a try.  I’m pleased to say that this time around I didn’t have to stay up late doing “homework!”

Winemaker: CK Mondavi
Wine: Wildcreek Canyon Merlot
Varietal: Merlot
Vintage: 2011
Appellation: California
Price: $8.99

Notes:  The color of this CK Mondavi selection was a nice ruby. On the bouquet I found berries, barnyard, earth and pepper.  Acidity was fine while the body of this red was quite light – a bit thin, in fact.  Although alcohol was at 13.6%, flavors centered around a core of sweet cherry and raspberry with a touch of wood when the moderate tannins kicked in.  Toward the end there were cough syrupy notes with a final zing of sour cherry on the coup de grâce.   If you prefer a straightforward, slightly sweetish, easy-to-sip red, this may be a good selection for you.

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