Concannon Petite Sirah 2012

Ever since my Xmas Eve experience with a Petite Sirah (Parducci Petite Sirah 2010), I’ve been keeping my eye peeled for that varietal in the wine retailers I frequent.  I have to say there aren’t that many.  Even so, I recently ran across this inexpensive offering from Concannon and grabbed a bottle.  Better yet, it was on sale at $6.64.

Winemaker:  Concannon
Wine: Selected Vineyards Petite Sirah
Varietal: Petite Sirah
Vintage:  2012
Appellation: California
Price: $9.49

Notes:  Color on this Petite Sirah was a dark ruby.  On the nose I smelled pepper, dark raspberry, earth and menthol.  Acidity was good, tannins were medium, and alcohol was at 13.5%.  The wine had a bit of weight on the palate, so I’d say the body was medium-light.  Core flavors I found were currant, green herbs, pepper, and oak while the finish was moderately lengthy with pepper, herbs and dark raspberry.   I was quite happy with this purchase.  What would I pair it with?  Well, for me this is one for sipping all by it’s lonesome.  Of course, it has the structure and flavor profile to stand up to a meal.  In case you’re interested, this was purchased at my local Safeway.  If it sounds good to you, maybe it’ll be on sale at your area Safeway, too!

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