StoneCap Chardonnay 2011

I’d never heard of StoneCap Wines when I ran across this on the shelves at a local grocery store.  Label indicates all the grapes used to make this Chardonnay are grown in StoneCap’s Goose Ridge Vineyard – estate grown, as it were.

Winemaker:  StoneCap Wines
Varietal:  Chardonnay
Vintage:  2011
Appellation:  Columbia Valley, WA
Price:  $10.49

Notes:  The bouquet of this Washington selection was fairly light with scents of citrus, grass and wildflowers.  The wine was a very pale yellow, and it was light-bodied with good acidity.  At 12.5% alcohol, it could have been sweet on the palate.  I thought, however, the bright acidity kept it from going too far in that direction.  Flavors I found included lemon, a hint of cream, grass and grapefruit.  On the lingering finish the citrus hung in along with a note of warm baking spices.  Overall it was a pretty decent glass of Chardonnay.  Now I want to sample some of the other StoneCap wines.  Nice discovery for me at the local Giant.

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