Inexpensive Lodi Zin – Sphere 2012

As folks probably know, Lodi is known for it’s outstanding Zinfandel.  So when I ran across this Sphere selection at Trader Joe’s for under $6.00, I wanted to try it.  Seeing that I’d picked it up to read the label, a friendly staffer stopped to tell me he thought it was one of their best values for the money.  Well, then I simply HAD to try it.

Winemaker:  Sphere
Varietal:  Zinfandel
Vintage:  2012
Appellation:  Lodi, California
Price: $5.99 at Trader Joe’s

Notes:  The color of this Lodi Zin was a medium garnet.  On the nose I caught whiffs of topsoil, blackberries and copious pecan shell (that’s what it smelled like to me).  Acidity was bright and active.  Both the body and the tannins were light on this Sphere selection, and alcohol was at 13%.  As far as flavors go, I thought it was an interesting glass of Zinfandel.  At first it was unexpectedly bitter but then settled after a very brief time to breathe.  Once settled, I caught flavors of blackberries, pepper, some darker prune notes and a touch of bitter wood.  Like I said, it was an interesting glass of Zin and would probably make a nice complement to a casual beef dish – pot roast or the like – but not for that thick, juicy steak.

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