The Sangiovese Tasting Continues

I have to admit that I’m surprised with the local Whole Foods when it comes to their Sangiovese varietal wine options.  There are four of them on their shelves.  That’s pretty good by comparison.  This is the third of them I’ve tasted – previous experiences were with a Globerati offering and a Gran Conti selection.  Of course, that means there is only one more to go!  When I purchased this Pirovano, I explained to the helpful wine staffer there (because he asked if he could help me) about my focus on only the 100% Sangiovese wines.  He looked at me quizzically and then began recommending a good Chianti blend.  When I stopped him and reiterated my intentions, he looked even more puzzled.  He even thought that I didn’t understand that Sangiovese was a type of grape. Well, I thanked him for explaining, but assured him that I was fully aware of that fact.  Once he realized that I really was serious about my particular approach, though, he smiled and with a quick shake of his head graciously helped me identify the four bottles of this varietal he had in stock.

Winemaker:  Pirovano
Varietal: Sangiovese
Vintage: 2012
Appellation:  Romagna DOC, Italy
Price: $8.99 at Whole Foods

Notes:  The color of this red from Romagna was a dark ruby.  In the ebullient bouquet I found scents of musty earth and berries.  The body was light, acidity was high, and tannins were light.  Alcohol was at 12%.  This was a gentle Sangiovese with flavors of cherries, pepper, something along the lines of mustard greens, and a quick clove note near the very brief finish.  To me, it seems made for family pasta night.

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