Williamsburg Two Shilling Red 2013

What is two shillings worth these days?  Well, I don’t think we can know exactly.  I believe the shilling went out of circulation in the UK during the early 1970’s.  Evidently, it used to be 1/20 of a pound.  So two shillings – 1/10 of a pound – doesn’t sound like a lot of money.  Of course, that may well depend on context … historical context.  Speaking of the UK and history, a trip to the British Isles is high on my bucket list.  That’s largely because my father did some genealogical work when I was a kid and managed to trace our roots back to England.  Our forebears emigrated from London to America way, way back when.  I suppose family roots are on my mind right now because I’m reading a historical fiction novel that features Scottish history and the protagonist’s (somewhat forgotten) Scottish heritage.  Maybe I should be drinking Glenfiddich or Royal Lochnagar while I read to get into the right frame of mind rather than this Virginia red.  Oh well, there is a sequal!

Winemaker:   Williamsburg Winery
Wine: Two Shilling Red
Varietal:  Red Blend
Vintage:  2013
Appellation:  America
Price: $7.49 at Trader Joes

Notes:  I found this Williamsburg offering a pretty cherry red in the glass.  On the pungent nose I caught scents of sous bois (see Vinetalkers post) and sweet red berries.  It was medium-bodied with racy acidity and 12.5% alcohol content.  There was just a slight hint of tannins – that fuzzy tongue feeling.  The flavor profile was pretty light and tart on the whole. In fact, it reminded me a bit of the Chambourcin I had from Iron Gate Vineyards some time ago.  Similarities aside, this Virginia blend is definitely lighter in body and flavor.  According to the winery’s website, this is a blend of 97%  Syrah and 3% Zinfandel.  So what were it’s flavors?  I tasted sweet raspberry, a touch of pepper, coffee grounds, a bit of earth, and a very tart rhubarb-like flavor.  Best part to me was the lingering raspberry on a fairly long finish.

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