Villa Borghetti Grigio Luna 2013

While I seem to be sampling quite a few New Zealand whites this summer, I can’t forget offerings from the old world.  And when you’re talking old world light whites for a summer repast, Italian Pinot Grigio is a well-known and well-regarded option.

Winemaker:  Villa Borghetti
Wine: Grigio Luna Delle Venezie
Varietal:  Pinot Grigio
Vintage:  2013
Appellation:  Venezie IGT, Italy
Price: $5.99 at Trader Joe’s

Notes:  What would you expect from an inexpensive Italian Pinot Grigio?  How about this?

Color – pale straw.
Bouquet – gentle scents of citrus and lemongrass with flinty undertones.
Acidity – good.
Body – light.
Flavors – citrus, hints of caramel, and a chalky minerality throughout.

Seems like that might be about right.


3 thoughts on “Villa Borghetti Grigio Luna 2013

    • Darned good question. I hope another blogger closer to you can help. Doing a little Googling, I noted there is a Trader Joe’s in Salem – looks like the closest one to you. I’d contact them first and check if they carry this wine before making the trek. Since individual preferences can vary so widely, I’d suggest finding a way to taste it before committing to a case. Ha! You can also check some of the online wine sites – wine-searcher, vivino, etc. – to see if they list any retailers that sell it in your area.

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