Crystal City, the Water Park & Wine Rangers

Wine in the Water Park is scheduled from 6-10 p.m. every Friday in September in Crystal City, Virginia.  Admission is free and there is live music to boot.

Free admission, live music and wines to sample?  This was an opportunity too good to pass up.  Hi-yo, Silver!  The Wine Rangers ride again.  And this past Friday night we did, but our steed was the Metro train because the Crystal City Water Park is only about 3 blocks from the subway stop.

I’m pleased to report that there were lots of wines to taste – red, white, dry, sweet.  Whatever your preference, you were likely to find something that would please.  The organizers also made sure that tasters had plenty of options from purchasing tickets for 1-oz. sips to full glasses of wine.  For instance, we started with six 1-oz. sips for $10.  That way you could do some sampling and then go back for more of your favorite.  Perhaps because the weather had cooled just a bit, we stuck mostly with the reds this past Friday.  Among those we tried were the Luz Garnacha, Angeline Pinot Noir, Mountain View Sauvignon Blanc, Santa Julia Malbec, and Guggenheim Merlot.  But we just barely scratched the surface as there were more reds as well as loads of whites and some beers available.

Turnout for the event was really good.  It helps that the Water Park is a pretty location with some cool fountains, and it’s easy to get to.  Folks really seemed to be having a great time.  The cover band that played was quite popular with the crowd and many people sat on benches and available patches of grass to listen and sip.  There was also an enthusiastic group that managed to find space for an impromptu dance floor.  Did I mention that people were having a good time?  In addition, many of those in attendance brought their canine friends along which was especially fun for the dog lovers among us.

Overall, we had an awesome time.  From a strictly wine exploration perspective, it would have been nice for them to provide lists of the wines they were serving for attendees to consult before getting in line.  Let’s face it, most of us can’t see through other people.  And then labels are also hard to read when the bottles are half submerged in ice.  From a practical perspective, there also weren’t any public restrooms on site.  Although the park is across the street from an entrance to the Crystal City Shops mall.  But that’s just nit picking because it was a very enjoyable event.

Wine in the Water Park will only be around for two more Fridays!  Better get on out there if you’re in the area and haven’t yet made it.


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