Trader Joe’s Reserve Syrah 2012

OK.  I know Paso Robles is well known for it’s Zinfandel wines.  They even have an annual Zinfandel festival.  I am also aware that wineries in the area have been successfully making blends and varietal wines using grapes that are typically associated with the Rhône region of France.  Not so long ago I had a pretty decent TJ Mourvèdre from Paso Robles.  Well, Syrah being the main red produced in the Northern Rhône, I really thought I ought to give this wine a try.

Winemaker: Trader Joe’s
Wine: Trader Joe’s Reserve Syrah, Lot #100
Vintage: 2012
Appellation: Paso Robles, California
Price: $9.99 at Trader Joe’s

Notes:  The Trader Joe’s Reserve Syrah was a deep, dark red color.  On the nose I detected pepper, spice, blackberry and hints of leather and pine.  Acidity was good.  It was a medium-bodied selection with a silky feel to it while tannins were on the upper end of medium.  As far as flavors went, I tasted a lot of seedy/brambly woodiness, leather, some spice, an underlying foundation of dark fruits (blackberry and black currant), and a bitter note on the finish.  I have to say that I liked this one.  I really did enjoy that silky mouth feel, and it was a challenging flavor profile in a good way.  Oh, and it was only ten bucks.

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