Simply Naked Unoaked Chardonnay 2012

I’m back!  Sorry, but my workaday job became work-a-nights and work-a-weekends, too.  While that hasn’t completely changed, I’m happy to say that it has eased a tad.  So I decided to use this opportunity to get a very quick post up.  And here it is!

Winemaker:  Simply Naked
Wine:  Unoaked Chardonnay
Varietal:  Chardonnay
Vintage:  2012
Appellation:  California
Price:  $8.47

Notes:  The color was pale yellow, and the  bouquet held scents of citrus and peach with hints of spice.  This unoaked Californian was light-bodied with good acidity.  Flavors I found included citrus, some peach, a touch of spice and a bitter chemical-like finish.  Overall, it struck me more like a Sauvignon Blanc than what I generally anticipate from a Chardonnay.  Admittedly, I’ve had only a few French Chardonnays.  Perhaps this Simply Naked is more in keeping with a European style?  At any rate, I can’t say that I was especially satisfied with this wine experience.  It was a perfectly potable beverage but not my glass of Chardonnay.

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