Chateau St. Jean Pinot Noir 2012

In my last post, I mentioned that I’d flipped a coin to determine which of two wines to drink with my Thanksgiving dinner.  Well, if the toss had come up tails instead of heads, this California Pinot Noir would have been the winner.

Vineyard: Chateau St. Jean
Wine:  Pinot Noir
Vintage:  2012
Appellation:  California
Price: $15.99

Notes:  The color of this CSJ was a pretty ruby.  On the nose I caught whiffs of strawberry and pepper.  It was light-bodied with good acidity and light tannins.  Alcohol was at 13.8%.  On the palate I tasted strawberry, some spice, oak, chlorophyll, a smokey note and a hint of mushroom.  It was a great one for the turkey leftovers and enjoyable to sip on it’s own.  Yes, you could say I liked it.  I was able to find it on sale for $9.99, and I think that’s a definite value buy.

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