Kendall-Jackson Syrah 2012

Que Syrah, Syrah
Whatever will be, will be ….

My parents had a recording of Doris Day singing this tune.  OK, so her lyrics were actually “Que sera, sera.”  But the two words (both French) are nearly homophones, and it isn’t the first time someone has taken a little artistic license with an old song.  Probably isn’t the first time someone has tried to make this joke.  Ha!  Now that I think about it, though, I’m surprised there aren’t more songs written celebrating the attributes of wine of all kinds.  Maybe I should give it a go – compose a tune about vino.  If I do, I promise to post it.  Well … I’ll post it if I think it’s any good, that is.

Winemaker: Kendall-Jackson
Wine:  Vintner’s Reserve Syrah
Varietal: Syrah
Vintage: 2012
Appellation: California
Price: $16.99

Notes:  The color of this wine was a dark, inky purple.  In the bouquet I found dark berry, pine tar and spice.  Acidity was high in this medium-bodied red.  Tannins were also fairly high with a quick attack.  Alcohol was 13.5%. Overall, the affect on the palate was medicinal.  There were flavors of dark currant, woody brambles, pepper, clorophyll, and a chemical note on the long finish.  I wish I’d had a nice, juicy steak to eat with this Syrah.

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