Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio 2014

According to Mezzacorona, their Pinot Grigio vines are grown in estate-owned vineyards in an alpine valley carved into the Dolomite Mountains by the Adige River which has it’s beginnings in the Italian Alps.  In addition, the grapes are cultivated in a traditional pergola style and completely hand-harvested.  Sounds romantic in an old world kind of way, doesn’t it?  Evidently, their location in the Dolomites affords them a variety of microclimates which allows them to choose plant several grape varieties in vineyards best suited to each.

Winemaker:  Mezzacorona
Varietal:  Pinot Grigio
Vintage:  2014
Appellation:  Dolomiti IGT, Italy
Price:  $8.99

Notes:  The bouquet of the Mezzacorona held faint whiffs of citrus and peach with hints of summer flowers.  Color was a typical light straw.  It was light-bodied, and acidity was good.  In this PG I tasted primarily nectarine with additional warm spice notes.  As it drew to a close it brought lemongrass to the fore with touches of mineral on the finish.  I found it a perfectly good Pinot Grigio.  I think it should be a nice accompaniment for light entree dishes and young cheese courses.

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