Nine Points Chardonnay 2015

For my return to the trenches, I decided to start with a celebratory Chardonnay.  Honestly, any glass of wine would have been a joyous experience.  Of course, after over half a year as a teetotaler, I knew I wasn’t ready for a big chewy red.

Oenophilogical_NinePointsChardonnay2015Winemaker: Nine Points
Varietal: Chardonnay
Vintage: 2015
Appellation: Napa Valley
Price: $15.99

Notes: This Napa Chardonnay was a pretty light yellow in the glass with scents of citrus, grass and warm spices.  It was medium bodied with a decent amount of viscosity to it.  Acidity was quite high and alcohol was at 14.2%.  As for flavors, I found apple, citrus, grass, hot pepper, hints of warm spices and lanolin.  Not a bad pick at all for my first glass back.

Absence Makes the Blog Grow Fonder

Well, folks, I have to ask your forgiveness for being away from this blog for so long.

What can I say?  I ran into another bevy of challenges which have kept me from imbibing (and thus recording any tasting notes to post here) for the past seven months.  It has been a tough haul for me, especially in that respect.  Trust me, I kept asking if I could have a sip or two but to no avail.  And wine wasn’t the only enjoyable thing I couldn’t consume.  Obviously, it’s wise to follow your doctors’ orders, so I did.


Now, however, I have been officially released from the grips of prohibition.  Yeeha!  I’ll have to begin slowly, but I’m just so glad to be back.