Absence Makes the Blog Grow Fonder

Well, folks, I have to ask your forgiveness for being away from this blog for so long.

What can I say?  I ran into another bevy of challenges which have kept me from imbibing (and thus recording any tasting notes to post here) for the past seven months.  It has been a tough haul for me, especially in that respect.  Trust me, I kept asking if I could have a sip or two but to no avail.  And wine wasn’t the only enjoyable thing I couldn’t consume.  Obviously, it’s wise to follow your doctors’ orders, so I did.


Now, however, I have been officially released from the grips of prohibition.  Yeeha!  I’ll have to begin slowly, but I’m just so glad to be back.


Oenophilogical (the blog) Turns One

Please celebrate with me!

I can hardly believe it, but the stats don’t lie.  It was one year ago exactly when the first post went up on this blog, oenophilogical.  Whether you want to call it a birthday or an anniversary makes no difference to me.  I’m just psyched to have made it here.

I’ve had such a great time sharing my journey through the wines of my life.  As my chosen focus is inexpensive vino, the experiences haven’t always been amazing.  Yet I hope they have at least been interesting on some level – and perhaps entertaining from time to time.

One of the nicest discoveries over the past year has been my introduction to the great community of bloggers.  And not just bloggers: wine bloggers.  I didn’t realize there were so many folks out there who share the same fixation I do.  And they’re E-VE-RY-where!!  Honestly, there have been way more visitors here than I expected, and they have come from all over (97 countries and counting).  How awesome is that?

For this celebratory post, I thought maybe I’d reminisce just a tad over my past year in wine.  Then I thought, “Who has time for that?!”  So I’ll just say a hearty “THANKS” to everyone who has made this such a great year in wine blogging.  Here’s to the next one!

photo by Fir0002