Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay 2012

I love the name of this wine … Morning Fog.  It’s what I experience every day.  Not because of the atmospheric conditions but because of what’s going on inside my own head – plenty of morning fog.  Those who know me well are aware that I am not available to answer any questions or make any real decisions until that fog has lifted.  I realize that is not what the folks at Wente are trying to conjure in naming their wine.  No doubt they are aiming for an association with the pleasant cool dampness of a morning fog on one’s face or the haunting beauty it can bring as it creates both a blanket and kind of an optical filter over the landscape.  And given that these grapes were grown in the San Francisco Bay area, I’m sure they saw plenty of fog.

Winemaker:  Wente
Wine:  Morning Fog
Varietal:  Chardonnay
Vintage:  2012
Appellation:  Livermore Valley – San Francisco Bay, CA
Price:  $16.49

Notes:  This California Chardonnay was a light yellow in the glass.  On the nose I got citrus, peach and grass.  It was light-bodied with high acidity.  It had that “prick the tongue” feeling.  Alcohol was at 13.5%.  On the palate I found citrus, peach, warm toasty oak, grass and a repeat of the citrus on the finish.  It was a pleasant glass of Chardonnay.  It think it would pair nicely with a light chicken and most fish dishes.

StoneCap Chardonnay 2011

I’d never heard of StoneCap Wines when I ran across this on the shelves at a local grocery store.  Label indicates all the grapes used to make this Chardonnay are grown in StoneCap’s Goose Ridge Vineyard – estate grown, as it were.

Winemaker:  StoneCap Wines
Varietal:  Chardonnay
Vintage:  2011
Appellation:  Columbia Valley, WA
Price:  $10.49

Notes:  The bouquet of this Washington selection was fairly light with scents of citrus, grass and wildflowers.  The wine was a very pale yellow, and it was light-bodied with good acidity.  At 12.5% alcohol, it could have been sweet on the palate.  I thought, however, the bright acidity kept it from going too far in that direction.  Flavors I found included lemon, a hint of cream, grass and grapefruit.  On the lingering finish the citrus hung in along with a note of warm baking spices.  Overall it was a pretty decent glass of Chardonnay.  Now I want to sample some of the other StoneCap wines.  Nice discovery for me at the local Giant.