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Here are some tasting notes from my friend labellestudio. It’s her first wine post! Will have to see if I can find this selection in my area. I hope so.


A few days ago I told a fellow blogger and wine expert Oenophilogical that I intended to write a wine review as a fun addition to this site. I am afraid this is not going to help my reputation as a serious person but why this serious all the time anyway? Let¬īs give it a try and move somewhat out of our comfort zone for once. ūüôā

Heuchelberg Weing√§rtner 2011 Trollinger Ros√© ~ Fruchtig s√ľss ~ W√ľrttemberg

My husband discovered this wine a few months ago and bought it in a small beverage market. Three weeks ago he retaliated and bought another bottle‚Ķ Ros√©s are often labelled as ‚Äúwomen¬īs wines‚ÄĚ in Germany, especially when they are on the rather sweeter side like this one but both my husband and I enjoyed it very much.

The color was a pale golden pink and the scent reminded me of wood, plaster, peppermint…

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N√ľrnberger Christkindlesmarkt Gl√ľhwein

Right after I graduated from college, I spent two years in Munich (M√ľnchen), Germany.¬† It was an eventful time in my life.¬† It was the first time I’d ever lived in a metropolitan area.¬† Turns out I’m a city dweller at heart.¬† Also, my first son was born.¬† Yeah, that was a big one.¬† It was an amazing time in many ways.¬† It seemed there was a surprise, a new experience around every corner. ¬†One of the most beautiful was seeing the Kristkindlmarkt on Marienplatz.¬† There had been snow early and often our first year, so there was a frosting of snow on the buildings and some of the stalls as we wandered the market looking at the handicrafts – we bought crystal tree ornaments.¬† All the while the pungent aromas of gl√ľhwein and roasted chestnuts filled the air.

Despite the fact that it wasn’t M√ľnchener Gl√ľhwein, I was excited when I saw this on the shelf of a local supermarket in January.¬† Even though the holidays had passed, it was still cold enough to warrant a nice warm beverage.

Winemaker:  Gerstacker Weinkellerei
Wine:¬† N√ľrnberger Christkindlesmarkt Gl√ľhwein
Varietal:  Red Spiced Wine
Vintage:  NV
Appellation:  Germany
Price:  $8.99 per Liter

Notes:¬† The color of this spiced red was a pale garnet.¬† Not surprisingly, the bouquet held scents of winter spices – esp. clove – and dark fruit.¬† Directions on the bottle instructed me to heat the wine to 170 degrees Fahrenheit without boiling. Once that was done, we were able to pour it into our holiday mugs.¬† Yes, we have holiday mugs!¬† I found this wine light-bodied with good acidity and no noticeable tannins.¬† Sweet at 10% alcohol, the Gerstacker Gl√ľhwein was a mug full of plummy, berry, spicy goodness.¬† It was simple, pleasant, warming enjoyment on a very cold night.¬† Temperatures outside were in the teens, but the warmth of this spiced wine and the memories it brought to mind kept us cozy inside.¬† For an hour or two, it was the holidays all over again.




Gl√ľhwein ‚Äď German Mulled Wine

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Mulled Wine

Germany has a long tradition when it comes to Mulled Wine. The oldest documented Gl√ľhwein tankard dates back to 1420. It belonged Count John IV of Katzenelnbogen who is said to be the very first vintner to ever have planted the Riesling grape on a large scale. Gl√ľhwein is the traditional German Christmas drink. It‚Äôs not only sold on every Christmas-market but also cooked a home.


1) Traditional Gl√ľhwein

Traditional Gl√ľhwein is based on red wine. Usually a very young and fruity wine is used to produce Gl√ľhwein. The wine should not have more than 12% or 12.5% alcohol by volume. Citrus, cinnamon sticks, cloves and star aniseed are the most important spices for traditional German Gl√ľhwein. Depending on how strong you want your Gl√ľhwein you have to add Orange juice. If you want to try Gl√ľhwein at home then follow these simple instructions: Heat 0,75 liters of red wine and 0,25l of orange juice in a pot. But be careful ‚Äď don‚Äôt let it boil! Cut 1/2 orange and 1 lemon into slices. Add them together with 3 cloves,¬† 2 cinnamon sticks, and 2 star aniseed to the wine. Let everything cook for around 15 minutes but once again don‚Äôt let it boil. Use a colander to separate the Gl√ľhwein from the spices and serve it in tankards. Of course this is just one of many possible ways to prepare Gl√ľhwein and there is no right or wrong recipe. Just make sure that it tastes like Christmas!

2) White Gl√ľhwein


Now that winter is officially here and the holidays are squarely upon us, my mind tends to reminisce over holidays past.¬† One of my most vivid memories of the holiday season is a December spent in Munich.¬† It was almost magical walking through the Christkindlmarkt at night shopping for handmade tree ornaments with the smell of Gl√ľhwein and roasted chestnuts in the chilly air while snow blanketed the city and environs.¬† I’m slightly envious that vinoinlove lives in Munich, but I think that makes him a great source for a good Gl√ľhwein recipe.¬† So on some cold winter’s night in the coming months, you may want to try one of these to warm and cheer you.¬† He’s been thoughtful enough to include recipes for some additional German beverage specialties in addition to the mulled wines.¬† Oh!¬† And …


Hans Wirsching Silvaner 2010 Franken

Peck_HWSilvaner2010Here is another German wine.¬† I bought it at Grateful Red, that wine store I mentioned in an earlier post.¬† I told you I’d be pulling from their selections from time to time!¬† This is a Silvaner – yet another varietal wine I haven’t had before.¬† I’ve had Liebfrau(en)milch previously, of course.¬† My but those “firsts” just keep adding up, don’t they?¬† Hey, that’s a good thing!

Winemaker:  Hans Wirsching
Varietal:  Silvaner
Vintage:  2010
Appellation:  Franken, Germany
Price:  $18.99

Notes:¬†¬† This wine is a light bright yellow in the glass.¬† On the nose I got a bright green apple and lemon scents.¬† It has a lively, bubbly effervescence when first poured that actually created a little foam in the glass.¬† On the tongue I thought this wine had a pleasant light viscosity.¬† Flavors for me were primarily lemon, honey and green apple. ¬† Alcohol is 11.5%.¬† Overall, I’d say it was pretty good in my book.¬† And I feel confident it would pair pretty well with any seafood.¬† I can especially imagine it going well with a spicy shrimp dish like Camarones Diablo.

Important: I am not a professional sommelier or wine connoisseur.¬† See “About” for the full disclaimer.